Social Housing

#10a (Hansaviertel Berlin)
Multiplex, wall paint, treated surface


Social Housing

Annette Streyl is interested in urban living spaces. In her work complex social housing Streyl was particularly inspired by the social-utopian ideas of two protagonists of the movement for mass housing “Neues Bauen” (New Building) in Germany. Streyl constructed stone and plywood reliefs of individual buildings based on Karl Schneider’s Jarrestadt block in Hamburg and Bruno Taut’s cooperative housing estate Freie Scholle in the Berlin district of Tegel as well as the residential town Carl Legien in the quarter Prenzlauer Berg. Using a reduced visual language and an aesthetic approach to the materials that seems to contradict the moral and aesthetic demands of the two architects, the artist draws a surprisingly strong imagery from the familiar and ironically challenges the former social utopia of the architects of the Neues Bauen movement.

Alexander Sairally

Installation view LEVYGalerie Berlin

#1a (Hanssenweg Jarrestadt Hamburg, Karl Schneider)
35x31x1,7 cm

#3b (Waidmannslusterdamm, Siedlung Freie Scholle Berlin, Bruno Taut)
35x61x1,3 cm

#3b Detail

#2b (Siedlung Freie Scholle Berlin, Bruno Taut)
36x55x1,3 cm

#2a, #2b

#9a-c (Fritz-Reuter-Allee Berlin, Brun Taut)

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