sandstone and marble,
partly painted
Altitude from 30 to 40 cm

When you hear the sound of hooves you never spontaneously think of zebras

In 1453 there was a clattering sound beneath the cupola. Sultan Mehmet II rode into the Hagia Sofia, and if there had been a gargoyle on the facade it would perhaps have slid down and barred his way – but there wasn’t. So you only heard the sound of horses hooves, and thought of architecture, a reverberation in the cupola, a stone echo. It took half a millennium before someone called it a museum. In 1969 Jannis Kounellis exhibited twelve live horses in the Galleria l'Attico. You heard the sound of hooves and thought about art and also about which animal you would most like to be if you were one. Definitely not a zebra. Sometimes a deer but probably mostly a pony, protected against storms and rain by a thick mane. For important festivities someone would tie green bobbles into it and only your face would remain human.

Dagrun Hintze

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